Puppets & Poets is here!

Puppets & Poets is a festival produced by Alphabet Arts to explore and celebrate puppetry and poetry, two of the world’s oldest and most diversely practiced art forms. We are thrilled to present our FIFTH festival, Thursday-Sunday, December 10-13, 2015 at The Bushwick Starr.

Featured Artists for 2015 include Zach Dorn, Jonathan Ellers, Rima Fand, Kevin Hale, Kirsten Kammermeyer, Erin Orr, Shayna Strype, Storm Thomas, Zeb L. West, and more. See full details on our Facebook invite page or check out our press release.

Production Team: Amber West, Neelam Vaswani, Jay Maury

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Check out our Facebook albums for photos of previous P&P festivals. We are currently raising funds to help make this festival happen. Your donations will help us provide free field trip, performances and workshops to Title 1 elementary school students in Bushwick and free weekend matinees for families. Every penny helps! Please donate online or by mail. Thanks to Brooklyn Arts Council, Citizens Committee For New York City, and Puppet Slam Network for helping to support P&P 2015!

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Alphabet Arts is celebrating its 7th year in 2015! Please click the imagebelow to see a timeline of our past and current work.

Aarts Timeline 2009-15

¬†Your support is vital to keeping this train-a-chuggin’! Please make a pledge or donation today!


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